Fostering empathy and sustainability one story at a time

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The Mission

We believe that books have the ability to transform people's lives, and it is for that reason that we aim to publish books, across all genres, whose contents focus on improving animal rights, human rights, and/or environmental concerns, all while maintaining a strict level of sustainability in our production process.

The goal of EcoLit Press is to publish books that encourage readers to appreciate and nurture our planet and all of its living creatures.

The Story

Alex was looking for books to read to her two young children that would help them understand the importance of treating all living creatures with love and respect.

As a vegan and an animal lover, Alex wanted to help her children understand why she doesn't eat meat or food products derived from animals, and she turned to children's books as a means of teaching these lessons.

Alex was disappointed to find only a limited selection of children's books that covered these essential topics, and so she set out to write a book that would help her children learn to respect farm animals and view them as fellow mammals worthy of love and compassion, not simply as products to be exploited.


By Alexandra Fields

Emma, a baby calf, longs to know what life is like outside of the industrial farm building where she lives. One day, she finally gets the opportunity to find out! Join Emma on her wild adventure as she searches for fun, friendship, and, above all, freedom.