Published on Monday, July 16th, 2018 by Alexandra Fields

The Urban Vegan’s Dilemma: My Dirty Not-So-Little Secret

Time to stop eating unhealthy processed vegan food and go whole-foods, plant-based

“Well, then what do you even eat?” This is the most frequently asked question I hear when I tell people that I am vegan. It’s funny, because my go-to response is “rice, beans, pasta, fruit, and veggies”. However, the truth is that I eat more processed vegan crap than I care to admit. In fact, when…

Published on Wednesday, July 4th, 2018 by Alexandra Fields

Going Vegan: Are You In?

I am fighting this battle one meal at a time

I am an avid book reader and a self-described nerd. I can’t imagine going on vacation without a book in hand, and although I have tried desperately to embrace my e-reader, I still find that nothing can quite replace the glorious feeling of listening to the waves crashing at the shore while lounging…